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What We  Do

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The Bottom Line

This proven product of ten years has been providing improved arena footing while reducing risk of injury to horse and rider that will last for years to come. ​
We remove debris and rock from arenas, event centers, race tracks, crop fields and a variety of recreation areas creating virtually a rock free base to help prevent injuries to horse and rider and crop equipment.  We screen out rocks larger than 3/8's of an inch with the Arena Rock Doc equipment.  Next we will harrow the area leaving a smooth virtually rock free surface.  Our service can actually save you money because we screen the existing material rather than bringing in new expensive fill dirt.

How We Do It

First we rip the area to loosen the dirt and bring up the rock and debris.  Next, with a single pass operation our machine screens the material to minus 3/8th of an inch, loading the debris into a hopper. We try to screen to a depth of no less than 6 inches to lengthen the longevity of a rock free surface.  Lastly, the area is groomed with a harrow leaving a fine sandy material to ride on.  
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